Religious Education

Our Religious Education program at St. Mary Magdalene is a place where children come together to pray, to learn about the faith they profess and to experience Christian values in a caring environment. All families who belong to St. Mary Magdalene Parish or to another Catholic parish in the Joliet Area and who wish their children to learn about the Bible, the beliefs, and the traditions of the Catholic religion, are welcome to attend.

The main reason for these classes is our faith in Jesus Christ and all that his life and works teach us. As believers we learn to respect ourselves and others as God's creation. Our response is to pray to God and serve God in one another and to pass these beliefs to our children. In order to ensure a safe, orderly and respectful environment, families are asked to cooperate and support these policies and procedures.


Program: The series used with the students is "Blest Are We", published by Silver Burdett, Ginn. This program has been rated "excellent" by the diocesan textbook evaluation committee. The goal of this religion series is to help children know, love and serve God. It seeks to help the faith of the children become "living, conscious and active through the light of instruction." (National Catechetical Directory, #32) Other materials used have been approved by the Diocesan Religious Education Office.


Religious Education Office: The office is located at 201 S. Briggs St., Joliet, IL.  Classes are held during the School Year on Saturday Morning.
Visitors are encouraged to call Sr. Jude Marie Naiden, SSFCR (815-727-4600) to set up an appointment.


Saturday Vigil 4:00pm
Sunday Mass 7:30 & 10:30 am
Daily Mass Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,
Friday 7:30am
Holy Days Please see the parish bulletin
Confessions Saturday 3:15 – 3:45 pm

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Religious Education Office
201 S. Briggs Street
Joliet, Illinois 60433